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WinKey Shortcut Keys



Winkey is a special key marked Windows Logo (as per picture). This is very useful key but presently most people don’t know the most of its features.


  • Winkey (Open or close Start Menu


  • Winkey with number from 1 to 10 will open programs listed on taskbar from left (1) to right as per picture.
  • Winkey M (This command will minimize all the opened windows)


  • Winkey R (This command will open the run dialog box)


  • Winkey T (This command will Cycle between taskbar listed items)


  • Winkey U (This command will open Ease of Access Center)


  • Winkey P (This command will project the screen to another led or monitor, press again will cycle the choices on the screen)


  • Winkey + C : (This command will open Charms bar)


  • Winkey + D : (This command will minimize all windows to the desktop. Press again will reverse the action)


  • Winkey + E : (This command will open Windows File Explorer)


  • Winkey + L : (This command will lock the Windows)


  • Winkey + F : (This command will open the Search window to find files and folders)


  • Winkey + Shift + M : (This command will maximize all windows after Winkey + M)


  • Winkey + X : (This command will open Windows Mobility Center)


  • Winkey + Pause : (This command will open the Systems Properties dialog box)


  • Winkey + F1 : (This command will open Windows Help & Support)


  • Winkey + B : (This command will Sets focus on the Taskbar, Allows navigation using arrow keys; opens selected application once you press Enter key)



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