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Browser Tricks

Mostly we need to goto address bar in the browser, below are some shortcuts to achieve this:-
to goto address bar from anywhere in browser.

Pressing Ctrl + L

Press F6

Or Alt + D 

You can automatically add www. and .com to any URL by typing in a URL by simply click ” Ctrl + Enter “ after you type the name of the site.

If you need .net instead of .com?

Press ” Ctrl + Shift + Enter “ instead.

Outlook 2019 or 2016 Signature box does not open (Solved)

Many people are facing this issue with signature box, due to that, they can’t open signature dialog box so they are unable to create signature in outlook.

Solution for this issue:


  1. open control panel by clicking on start button and start typing control panel, then select control panel from list.
  2. Find and open “Programs and Features” from control panel.
  3. Then find and select “MS Office (name will appear according to version) and click Change.
  4. Wizard will ask you to “Quick Repair” o r “Online Repair”, You choose Online Repair.
  5. Now just wait to finish repair process, this will fix all the issues you are facing including Signature issue.

Best of luck.


Windows Tricks

Save Screenshots in Pictures/Screenshots Folder:-

Press Winkey + PrintScreen button and screenshots will be saved automatically in your Pictures/Screenshots folder.


Video Control:-


WinKey+LEFT = Set the window to the left half of your screen

WinKey+RIGHT = Set the window to the right half of your screen

WinKey+UP = Maximize window

WinKey+DOWN = Minimize window


Tools windows 10, open by search box:-


Regedit: Opens Registry editor.

netplwiz : Opens the Advanced User Accounts window.

Reliability Monitor : Shows Computer problems history.

Resource Monitor : Analyze your system performance.

Performance Monitor : Use it to find resource eating processes

lusrmgr.msc : Opens the Local Users and Groups Manager.

gpedit.msc : Group Policy Editor.

mrt : You can clean some of the most popular malicious software from your computer.

ncpa.cpl : To access all your Network Adapters, you can use this Run command.

powercfg.cpl : Power Options.

appwiz.cpl : Access the Programs and Features window to uninstall your installed programs.

devmgmt.msc : Windows Device Manager to manage all your hardware devices.

sysdm.cpl : Access the System Properties window.

firewall.cpl : Manage or configure your Windows firewall.

wuapp : Check, manage and configure all your Windows update settings.

Google Tricks

  • Just try to search in google and press enter  ”   Do a barrel roll   “
  • Type in Google Search.    ”   Flip a coin   ”  and press enter to Toss
  • Type  ”   Askew   ”  and press enter        (not in a straight or level position)
  • Type  ”   Zerg Rush   ”  and press enter and watch…
  • Type  ”   Roll a dice   ”  and press enter and watch…
  • Type   ”   Google sphere   ”   and click i am feeling lucky or click search and open 1st link then move the mouse
  • Type  ”   Google Gravity   ”   and click i am feeling lucky or click search and open 1st link then move the mouse
  • Type  ”   Atari Breakout   ”     then click Images on the results page. Then use the arrow keys or your mouse to play around.

Select text from Link

To select text from a link, you need to press and hold down the ‘Alt’ key before you position the cursor over the link. The cursor changes from the normal ‘arrow’ to the ‘hand’ when it’s over the linked text. by this way you can select some text from the link and copy by pressing Ctrl + C and paste it where you want or right-click on it and search on your preferred search engine.

How to Take Screenshot and Save as file

You can save as file whatever you are looking on the screen, all you have to do as described below:

Press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard. This copies a bitmap of the full screen into the Windows clipboard(Ram).

You need to open MsPaint and paste …Then you can save it as a .jpg or bmp etc

Alt + PrintScreen will capture only the active window.
This is good when you just need only active window.

Solution for Hard Disk 100% Usage in Task Manager

There are many reasons which could result this error. So please try and check which one works for you.

  • Hard disk Error

You should run below command in Cmd Window (Dos Prompt) .  launch Command Prompt with the administrative privilege by pressing Windows + X then press A and select Yes.

Chkdsk /f /r

Note: Windows could ask you to restart and it could take few minutes to hours depending on disk drive, it’s normal

  • Windows Search

To turn of Windows Search please press Windows + R, type: “service.msc” without the quotes and press Enter, this will open services window.

Here search for Windows Search, double-click on it, choose “Disabled” from the Startup type drop-down list and then press OK.


  • Virtual Memory

When computer use hard disk space as a ram pagefile.sys, that is called virtual memory.

Just open system properties by pressing shortcut Winkey+Pause this will open system properties (same you can open by right click on My computer icon and choose properties.

In the System window, look and click on “Advanced system settings“.

From the Performance section, click Settings.

Then select Advanced tab, and click on the “Change” button.

Make sure the box named “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” is checked.

Select C Drive you can uncheck the box, choose “No paging file” and press OK.  After that, rebooting your computer check if the issue is resolved else follow next step.


  • Remove all temporary files

Just press Windows + R, type: temp and press Enter.

Access Temp folder in Windows 10

After that, choose all files in the temp folder and then delete them.

Reboot your Windows computer.

check if the issue is resolved else follow next step.


  • Turn of your Antivirus

For this you need to check which antivirus you have installed and follow the documentation to turn of antivirus temporary.

check if the issue is resolved then change your antivirus.



WinKey Shortcut Keys



Winkey is a special key marked Windows Logo (as per picture). This is very useful key but presently most people don’t know the most of its features.


  • Winkey (Open or close Start Menu


  • Winkey with number from 1 to 10 will open programs listed on taskbar from left (1) to right as per picture.
  • Winkey M (This command will minimize all the opened windows)


  • Winkey R (This command will open the run dialog box)


  • Winkey T (This command will Cycle between taskbar listed items)


  • Winkey U (This command will open Ease of Access Center)


  • Winkey P (This command will project the screen to another led or monitor, press again will cycle the choices on the screen)


  • Winkey + C : (This command will open Charms bar)


  • Winkey + D : (This command will minimize all windows to the desktop. Press again will reverse the action)


  • Winkey + E : (This command will open Windows File Explorer)


  • Winkey + L : (This command will lock the Windows)


  • Winkey + F : (This command will open the Search window to find files and folders)


  • Winkey + Shift + M : (This command will maximize all windows after Winkey + M)


  • Winkey + X : (This command will open Windows Mobility Center)


  • Winkey + Pause : (This command will open the Systems Properties dialog box)


  • Winkey + F1 : (This command will open Windows Help & Support)


  • Winkey + B : (This command will Sets focus on the Taskbar, Allows navigation using arrow keys; opens selected application once you press Enter key)



CEO Message

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