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Shortcut keys

Windows Tricks

Save Screenshots in Pictures/Screenshots Folder:-

Press Winkey + PrintScreen button and screenshots will be saved automatically in your Pictures/Screenshots folder.


Video Control:-


WinKey+LEFT = Set the window to the left half of your screen

WinKey+RIGHT = Set the window to the right half of your screen

WinKey+UP = Maximize window

WinKey+DOWN = Minimize window


Tools windows 10, open by search box:-


Regedit: Opens Registry editor.

netplwiz : Opens the Advanced User Accounts window.

Reliability Monitor : Shows Computer problems history.

Resource Monitor : Analyze your system performance.

Performance Monitor : Use it to find resource eating processes

lusrmgr.msc : Opens the Local Users and Groups Manager.

gpedit.msc : Group Policy Editor.

mrt : You can clean some of the most popular malicious software from your computer.

ncpa.cpl : To access all your Network Adapters, you can use this Run command.

powercfg.cpl : Power Options.

appwiz.cpl : Access the Programs and Features window to uninstall your installed programs.

devmgmt.msc : Windows Device Manager to manage all your hardware devices.

sysdm.cpl : Access the System Properties window.

firewall.cpl : Manage or configure your Windows firewall.

wuapp : Check, manage and configure all your Windows update settings.

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